Social Skills

Social Skills

Teens with strong social skills are better able to express themselves, understand others, and resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.

Social skills are the tools that enable individuals to communicate, acquire new task, ask for help, ask for their needs in appropriate ways, get along with others, make new friends, develop strong relationships, protect themselves, and be able to interact with the society amusingly.

Are you that individual that is shy, do you need to develop healthy relationships, communicate effectively, need to interact with others appropriately, how do you deal with your emotions?

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Nathalie offers; Pre-Employment Training, Self-Advocacy Training, Workforce Training, Mentoring. Tutoring. College research. Social Skills Training. Lifer Skills Training. Setting goals

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Nathalie is a community orgazation workforce readiness, pre-employment training, self-advocacy, mentoring, tutoring, life skills, social skills, money management, empowering customers with the knowledge, connections and confidence required to embark on a new sustainable career.

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