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YAC, The Children Trust

Photos from YAC, The Children Trust. Presentation and training on financial literacy to high school students.

Social Workers on the Oshodi Empty-Pot Healing Approach (OEPHA)

Mairlyn Lightbourn-Oshodi does a presentation to Social Workers on the Oshodi Empty-Pot Healing Approach (OEPHA) which can be use by licensed Social Workers, Mental Health Therapist, and Psychologist. Books and testing materials may be ordered from the website. Click Here to Order  

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“Marilyn presents a christmas gift to a student who won the big prize from the drawing of those who entered from
my website: Even in January We are still serving the community .
Marilyn receives flowers and plaque are from adults students. “Education is powerful and the appreciation from the students shows”

Past Events

Nathalie is a community orgazation workforce readiness, pre-employment training, self-advocacy, mentoring, tutoring, life skills, social skills, money management, empowering customers with the knowledge, connections and confidence required to embark on a new sustainable career.

Miami, Florida 33161
+1 (786) 489-5429
(10 am - 5 pm)

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