Work Readiness Training

Work Readiness Training

For Youth Customers

If you feel that your Social Skills and life skills threaten your career growth, you need to reach out to the Nathalie Training Advocacy Program in Miami, Florida. We train you at multiple levels to see that you have procured all the skills that make you desirable in the job industry.

Social skills training offered by us, will provide skills needed to help you realize your life’s purpose and work dedicatedly towards your calling.

It is so very important than ever to adapt and refresh your skills in the new job market. Learn the basics of going on a job interview (including virtual interviews), answering difficult interview questions, and navigating the interview process. Elevator pitch. Mock interview. We will discuss best practices for discovering career opportunities, and community resources, using Job Search on Google.

Nathalie Training work with students on goal setting, resume building, job search, employment applications, collage applications and interviewing techniques, Mock Interview. Effective communication. Dress for Success.

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Nathalie offers; Pre-Employment Training, Self-Advocacy Training, Workforce Training, Mentoring. Tutoring. College research. Social Skills Training. Lifer Skills Training. Setting goals

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Nathalie is a community orgazation workforce readiness, pre-employment training, self-advocacy, mentoring, tutoring, life skills, social skills, money management, empowering customers with the knowledge, connections and confidence required to embark on a new sustainable career.

Miami, Florida 33161
+1 (786) 489-5429
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